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Our mission is to provide challenging educational classes within a fun and relaxed environment to help students develop their full potential.

We offer French and Spanish lessons for all ages and levels. Serving the CT shoreline.

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“It has been such a pleasure learning French through PROLANG. Their methodical, yet relaxed approach to language learning allowed me to comprehend the complex grammatical structures of the French language, expand my vocabulary and engage in meaningful conversations. My lessons were always positive experiences that gave me confidence to use my French skills in natural settings.”

- Adrienne S.

"Our center has been working with Audrey for several months and could not be happier! Our children are working on learning Spanish with Audrey and look forward to her visit each week!  They find Audrey to be  fun and captivating!  We love her developmentally appropriate curriculum and style. We often hear the children practicing Spanish and the songs even when she is not here!  If you are considering a language  enrichment program in your school or classroom, please contact PROLANG, LLC"   -Duck Pond Learning Center

"Our 4-year old daughter has been taking lessons with Audrey and we are thrilled with the progress she has made. We have been blown away by how much she has learned in a short time and her grandparents are so excited to hear her speak a little more French with them! The best part is that thanks to Audrey's wonderful teaching style, she has so much fun at her lessons she is begging to go back each week. It's a pleasure to see her really enthusiastic about something that is also a great learning experience. Merci beaucoup Audrey!" - Jane D.

"Audrey is an amazing French teacher for adults, as well as children. She was a highly respected teacher at my child's school and also tutored me in preparation for a trip to Paris. Audrey understands that adult learners have different needs than children. She jumped right into what conversational French phrases I would need for my trip and helped me perfect my accent. She gave me advice on how to fit in culturally and also sightseeing tips! She made it fun - meeting with her felt more like meeting a friend than attending a class. I highly recommend Audrey for language tutoring, for all ages." - Lori O.

"Madame Minto is a fabulous French teacher! She has wealth of experience teaching in an academic setting and with her expertise and authentic French accent and flair, she helps give her students a better understanding of the French language as well as confidence in communicating the language with others. Madame Minto is always well-prepared and knows exactly what each individual student needs to improve his/her skills. You will not be disappointed! Extraordinaire" - Louise J.

"Madame Minto prioritizes communication of French and not only memorization of words and sentences structure. She prepared me well for my high school classes! " - Julia J.

"Madame Minto is a fabulous teacher. I was gone for part of 7th grade and missed most of my French class. Madame Minto caught me up on what I needed to know and more." - Maya B.

"My daughter loved working with Madame Minto. She helped her to catch up after a semester of missed French class in 7th grade. My daughter was up to speed and more when she returned to school. She was especially confident in her conversational French after her work with Madame Minto." - Sue S.

"Madame Minto was my excellent French teacher when I was in 6th, 7th and 8th grade. My parents contacted Madame Minto two years later for her tutoring services because I was a little weak in one of my high school French classes. It was amazing how fast I understood the material in such a short time with Madame Minto's guidance. Merci Madame Minto!"

- Eric S.

"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart." Nelson Mandela


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